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Welcome to RE2 School

Established in 2002, RE2 International Computer School was one of the first schools in Malaysia with a well-developed ICT curriculum for Primary School and Secondary school students. Our curriculum was heavily based on the national curriculums of The United States of America and  United Kingdom.

When RE2 opened its doors, we had one simple mission: To create a  better world for our children. To achieve this, we have tirelessly worked to create a learning environment that can ignite a passion for learning within every student that has been entrusted to our care. Over the years, RE2 has built an outstanding reputation for empowering our students through our interactive learning style. Our team has dedicated their lives, passions, and focus to the school and we are committed to delivering the best learning experience for all of our students. This is RE2.

We strive daily to realize the core values that guide us:

Our Core Values are:​

To build products and services that people believe in.   


To embrace clarity and simplicity, we focus on what matter. 

To implement new interests and ideas through technology while satisfying current curiosities.

To seek relentless improvement in all facets.

Courage :

To  instill courage to change  for growth.  

RE2 International Computer School is definitely the dream school for your loved ones where the interaction between students, teachers, and families creates an energetic and invigorating learning environment...

Welcome to our school!

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