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Learners' Success Stories


Eighteen-year-old Clement Ng Chwin Chiat has made the nation proud by becoming World Champion in Microsoft Word at the 2011 Worldwide Competition in Microsoft Office products. The competition was held in San Diego, California and organized by Certiport, a leading provider of certification exam development, delivery and programme management services. More than 228,000 participants from 57 countries competed in the competition that required participants to demonstrate their mastery of Microsoft Office products. Clement clinched the top spot amongst the top 10 Microsoft Word 2010 finalists which included students from Canada, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States.

Clement’s pathway to Microsoft glory was made possible when he was pursuing a programme in Information & Communications Technology at RE2 International Computer School in Ipoh. Having excelled in the Microsoft Office Specialist Programme, Clement was selected as one of ten candidates from the school to compete against students from other educational institutions in Malaysia. Clement earned his ticket to compete in San Diego after emerging the Malaysian champion.

To prepare himself for the World Championships, Clement familiarized himself with all the functions of Microsoft applications. “I practiced for hours everyday and tried to improve my speed and accuracy,” says Clement who won US$5,000 scholarship for his brilliant effort.

In the final round of Microsoft Word 2010, competitors participated in timed, unique tests to demonstrate their ability to create documents for the information presented in Word. This year, Certiport added a new component to the competition where each Word 2010 contestant was required to take the standard 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word examination and was also asked to recreate an existing Word 2010 document from a provided printed example.

Behind the Competition - 2011

Behind every champion is a great trainer, and Clement has his teachers at RE2 International Computer School to thank for his success. “Ms Catherine Teh and Mr Kevin Cheong taught me how to deal with the pressure and stress of the competition and how to be creative in ways so that I would stand out from the rest,” says Clement.

“They encourage me constantly to do my best and opportunities will come along because opportunities always accompany the best. Without them, I would not have the strength or courage to carry on in this competition,” he adds. With the title of World Champion under his belt, Clement harbors hopes of studying software engineering in the United States and gain employment with America’s tech giants like Apple, Google or Microsoft. However, his immediate plan is to pursue an IT Foundation Course at the University College of Technology and Innovation.

“By studying software engineering I would have an opportunity to create software and programmes that could benefit society and bring convenience to the people,” says Clement who has a deep passion for the evolution of technology in society.

With this young man consistently giving his best, it’s not a wonder if opportunity will soon come knocking. After all, Clement has already proven that he is the best.

Gold Medalist Winner (ICAS) - 2010

4 students from RE2 International Computer School were awarded gold medals for their ICT achievements. They had recently emerged champions at the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS 2009). Deputy Minister of Education Datuk Wee Ka Siong awarded medals to the winners, at a ceremony at the Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Gates Tan is one of the Gold Medalist as shown in the picture above.


Malaysia Book of Records - 2009

The SK Convent pupil, Nicole Wong earned herself a spot in the Malaysia Book of Records after winning the primary school category of the “King of Typists” contest with typing accuracy of 97% on Saturday.

“I started learning how to type with all fingers when I took up computer lessons two years ago,” said Nicole, who practiced for 30 minutes using computer software before each round of the contest. Asked how she felt about beating the previous record of 100.4 words per minute, Nicole, who won a laptop, said: “I’m really proud of myself.”

Winning the secondary school category was 17-year-old Lau Keng Soon who managed 108 words per minute at an astounding 100% accuracy. The contest aimed at discovering the most accurate and fastest typist was jointly organised by SNS Network (M) Sdn Bhd, Re2 International Corporation Sdn Bhd and Perak Council of Chinese Schools.

At a press conference later, Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat said such contests could help students develop their soft skills. “Many still have the old-fashioned thinking that a person’s future is guaranteed if he or she has good academic standing. “But the reality is that we have to possess different abilities and skills to excel in different aspects of life particularly in Information and Technology areas,” he said.

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