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Principal Message

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Kevin Cheong

Kevin Cheong, RE2 School Principal

I am thrilled to tell you about all of the programs and activities that are provided by RE2 International Computer School. Over the years, we have developed a holistic ICT curriculum that aims to produce future IT entrepreneurs who can master different areas of technology irrespective of whatever profession that they wish to specialize in later in life. Whether it is programming, digital art, video editing, or game design, we have a large variety of activities that will surely interest your children, enrich their lives, and benefit them in the future.

At RE2, we offer practical, experiential learning for learners from the early years all the way up to pre-university levels. We aim to foster a learning environment that provides a unique learning experience and allows all of our learners to realize their own talents.

By holding firmly to the key principles of our philosophy, RE2 continues to deliver innovative lessons that are effective for learning. ​In addition, we have faith that by using ICT tools and technologies, we will be able to cultivate an independent spirit and a lifelong love of learning within our students. We also wish to provide and support our children with a wide range of activities and experiences that will not only prepare them for the future, but also make their school life more enjoyable and rewarding. 

For more than 18 years, our dedicated and tireless teachers have applied their passion for teaching, working experiences, and the insights gained from their own research to provide the best possible experience to our students.

​We welcome you to visit us and experience our very special school.

Dear parents,

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