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School Policy

  • How do I register for my child?
    Call us or click the WhatsApp button to find out more about courses that are suitable for your child. You may also request a trial class before enrolling them. Our program specialists are ready to help you understand more about your child needs. Your child may be required to sit for a placement test to determine his/her level of study. As soon as we have learned more about him/her, we can find the right course, at the right time for them.
  • Is there any way for my child to experience the class before enrollment?
    Not to worries. If you're interested in letting your child experience the class before enrolling, click here to request for a trial class.
  • Is this age appropriate for my child?
    Kids typically start to show more curiosity about computers at a young age. In addition, they are more likely enjoy engaging with various kinds of software. Since young children can pick things up quickly, it’s also a good time to make sure that they learn something productive, such as proper keyboarding techniques.
  • What course do you recommend for my child?
    With so many options, we understand that it may be difficult to choose a suitable course for your child. Our Program Specialists are ready to answer any questions about our courses. Please contact us directly at 05-5487677 or click the WhatsApp button to chat with us.
  • What will my child learn?
    Your child will slowly gain deep insight into professional software design and application development through the step by step guidance. Our course offers intensive, assignment-driven lessons in various topics from word processing, presentation, multimedia, mac, video editing, codings, game development to robotics engineering and many more. All graduates leave the school with the tools to excel in the rapidly expanding field of related with technology.
  • Do you offer technical support?
    If your children are in the middle of their studies and they need technical support, their instructor will be able to assist them before or after class each day. If they require additional support in their learning, we recommend that you contact our team for further assistance.
  • Can you accommodate students with special needs?
    We have had many special needs students who attended our classes in the past, and they typically did well in our programs. While we are not specifically a special needs school, our instructors are trained to handle special circumstances to a limited extent. However, we have found that if students are able to function without an aide, they are generally able to do very well at our school.
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