School Policy


Girls and boys should have clean and tidy hair which is appropriate for school. Students need to be dressed uniform suitably.


It is important that parents fill in the school highlight form accurately and comprehensively so that those who need to be informed are aware of any special Conditions, treatments or allergies that a child may have as well as any relevant medical history. In addition it is important that the School be informed should there be any changes or developments relating to a child’s health.


The use of mobile phones is very common today and is very popular with adolescents. While mobile phones give students more flexibility of contact and security while they are away from home, students must learn to use them appropriately.
The following are some guidelines which apply to the use of mobile phones in class:
1. All students are permitted to have mobile phones at RE2 International School with the permission of their parents.
2. The phones are the sole responsibility of the student i.e. loss, lending, billing.
3. Mobile phones are not to be used in the during study time.
4. Student must give the mobile phone number and other relevant identification information to their house parent.
5. It is recommended that the mobile phone be kept in a secure place when not in use. The School can accept no liability for a phone or laptop that is lost, tampered with or stolen.


A student affair teacher is permanently assigned to school. The parameter of the school is covered by CCTV, as is the entrance to the ground floor and the lobbies of the other floors.


Student is only allowed to go back once the classwork completed.


It is vitally important that parents and school staff work as partners in the development of the children. It is important that parents tell the specific house parent about any issues which might impact on their child’s overall happiness and academic progress. The house parent is the first point of contact regarding the welfare of a child. Teachers, are expected to contact parents should there be any issues regarding illness which should be brought to their attention.

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