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Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science (0478)

We offer the program that covers the exam subject’s official learning outcome (0478) set by Cambridge IGCSE Exam. This program is aligned with the Cambridge International Examination's 0478 IGCSE  Computer Science syllabus.


Our IGCSE program enables learners to gain an excellent understanding of the individual components, ensuring that they are prepared to pass the IGCSE ICT examination a “A” or “A*” grade.


The curriculum consists of three primary components: theory, practise, and assessment.

•          Paper 1: Theory

•          Paper 2: Document Production, Databases and Presentations

•          Paper 3: Spreadsheets and Website Authoring


Please contact us for additional details.

Syllabus Overview

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science (0478)

Syllabus overview

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science helps learners develop an interest in computational thinking and an understanding of the principles of problem-solving using computers. They apply this understanding to create computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms and a high-level programming language. Learners also develop a range of technical skills, and the ability to effectively test and evaluate computing solutions.

Studying Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science helps learners appreciate current and emerging computing technologies, the benefits of their use and recognise their potential risks. It provides an ideal foundation for progression to Cambridge International AS & A Level and is valuable for other areas of study and everyday life.

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