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Every child is born full of creativity.

Nurturing it is one of the most important things educators do. 

Why RE2?

Our Programs

Your child will dive into the cutting edge tech courses built around tools from Adobe, Autodesk, Apple, Microsoft, Tello Sphero, and the Python Software Foundation. They'll hone their skills,
create an impressive final project, then receive their official transcripts that prove their achievement.

How It Works

How Our Children Benefit
from Technology

Our unique programs are designed with psychologists and educators
and are intended to nurture and develop independent and holistic young learners.

In-Demand Certifications that
advance your career  

We provide certification, which helps to build a skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers and government tech initiatives. Certifications mean having a global impact. We all live in a global economy. Gaining tech skills and official certification would definitely create more opportunities for yourself.

We offer certification credential for the following certification programs:

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What Our Parents and Learners Say

Priscilla Phang.PNG

"Re2's programs have allowed me to explore and learn in a completely different fields from my school. The wide variety of classes and knowledge in various areas makes studying interesting, informative, challenging, and rewarding. The skills and knowledge I’ve learned will be directly applicable for my future career."

Priscilla Pang, Student

natasha mom.PNG

"Natasha is now on her Level 5. She can code using scratch and looks forward to going to her computer class every week. Her favorite parts of the classes are when she can play the games she has created. Having these classes available to the community gives young kids the opportunity  to learn to code at the same time they learn to read and write."

Faridah Hanun, University Lecturer


Explore the disruptive
technologies & innovations that are
changing the world.

Success Story

When used well, technology allows students and teachers 

to succeed and reach new height. 


The Star
Soba Award 

The Best Use of Technology  Year 2018


ICAS Gold Medalist

Year 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

DSC00400-removebg-preview.png 2.png (lat

Microsoft World
Champion School,  USA 

Year 2011

Malaysia Book of Record.jpg

Malaysia Book of Records 
Fastest Junior Typist
Year 2007

Technology ignites computational thinking in every learner.

Computational thinking helps learners to think logically, recognize problems, and create solutions. It makes them better problem solvers and allows them to communicate more effectively by using facts and logic.


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